Inclusion: Developing a profile of individual needs – PP111

Inclusion: Developing a Pupil Profile – a follow up to Inclusion courses Introduction to Additional Support Needs/Special Educational Needs and Barriers to Learning.

Course participants will have completed a CPD Bytes Inclusion Course, or have undertaken some professional study to inform their classroom practice for meeting the additional learning needs of some pupils. They will already be aware of many of the signs that a pupil is experiencing difficulty in the mainstream classroom.

They will be knowledgeable about reasons why some pupils meet barriers to learning in the curriculum and already have some strategies in place to address these.

This interactive course reviews the factors that might contribute to an individual experiencing barriers to learning in a mainstream classroom, and includes practical classroom activities designed to help teachers identify these and develop a profile of the learning needs of an individual pupil.

Course members may be offered the opportunity to submit the pupil profiles they have developed to course tutors for comment.

Developing a pupil profile 

This course, in 4 parts with a short introduction to the profiling task, will guide course members through the process of gathering information about a pupil, identifying factors that may contribute to a pupil experiencing barriers to learning, developing a profile of individual learning needs and suggesting support strategies.

The task: Developing a profile of individual needs – an opportunity to focus on a pupil whose difficulties have been identified but not fully assessed.

Selection of a subject: This may be a pupil who does not currently receive a high level of support in the classroom.

Consideration of likely barriers to learning: An opportunity to select the appropriate checklists and observation schedules

Planning and carrying out profiling tasks: Most of these activities will be carried out off-line, many in the classroom, so it would be appropriate to set time limits for each of the planned activities required for the completion of the pupil profile.

Each part of the course provides text and video information, links to other appropriate websites and presentations to guide course members through the process of identifying the factors that contribute to an individual learner experiencing barriers to learning, compiling a profile of the individual’s additional learning needs and suggesting some strategies that will meet these in the classroom.

Many of the activities required by this course must be carried out off-line, in the classroom. Course members will accumulate a lot of information on the pupil being profiled and they should make notes on this – possibly in the Notes or Blog section of your CPD Bytes profile.

Section 1  Barriers to Learning

This section reviews the most common factors that impact learning in the mainstream classroom.

Section 2 Gathering Information

Here you will explore ways of accessing information relating to the selected pupil.

Section 3  Identifying Strengths and needs

This gives practical advice on developing a profile of the pupil’s learning needs and writing your report. Activities in this section will be completed off-line.

Section 4  Supporting the pupil

You suggest strategies to meet your pupil’s needs.

Section 5  Submit your pupil profile for review

If you wish other course members and the course tutor to comment generally on the profile you have created, post it in your blog and tell everyone it is there.

If you wish the course tutor to review your profile and comment in detail, click here. Please note there may be an additional charge for this service.