Monthly Dyslexia News Digest – May 2019

In the headlines

May has been a quiet month here at Monthly Dyslexia News Digest but we bring you one uplifting story and one contentious story so read on…

29 May 2019

The British Dyslexia Association offers organisations the chance to receive their Smart Award, which is designed to recognise and promote good practice for supporting the needs of dyslexic and neuro-diverse individuals.  To achieve the award, organisations complete 6 simple steps that lead to dyslexic employees and customers being better supported.  The steps include awareness raising activity and identifying a dyslexia lead in the organisation.  In recognition of their support for dyslexia, organisations receive use of the Smart Award logo on their communications and publications, the Smart Award plaque to display and free licenses for online training modules along with other benefits.

30 May 2019

The debate continues over Warwickshire County Council’s dyslexia policy in schools as we covered in our Monthly Dyslexia News Digest in February this year.  The British Dyslexia Association continues to object to Warwickshire County Council’s policy describing it as a ‘ludicrous approach’ and stating that they are committed to ‘challenging this regressive and demeaning approach’.  Warwickshire County Council has withdrawn its guidance while it conducts a review, which is expected to be complete in June.

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