Monthly Dyslexia News Digest – February 2019

In the headlines

1 February 2019

The TES reports that Warwickshire County Council are sticking with their guidance document that questions the science around dyslexia despite being criticised by the House of Lords over it last Autumn.  Their stance is backed by Julian Elliot, Professor of Education at Durham University.  However, Helen Boden, Chief Executive of the British Dyslexia Association hit back saying that the Council’s stance was ‘ludicrous’ and she vowed to battle its ‘regressive and demeaning approach’.

21 February 2019

Digital Journal reports on a company called Lexplore, which uses AI technology to collect eye gaze data from children reading a screen of text.  The company suggests using it on children between 2 and 5 years old to establish their reading level and determine whether the child has problems with the saccadic eye movements used in reading.

28 February 2019

Jane Broadis, a teacher in the South-East of England has tweeted a powerful reverse poem written by one of her 10-year-old pupils on the subject of dyslexia.   She signed the poem AO.  It has received an extremely positive reaction online and been picked up by the world’s media.

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