Monthly Dyslexia News Digest – August 2019

In the headlines

15 August 2019

Richard Branson has written an inspiring piece on his website posted on ‘A’ Level results day saying that ‘grades do not define you’.  He states that many entrepreneurs and business leaders had difficulties at school like he did.  He argues that exams do not always measure other ‘essential skills that the world needs’ like ‘reasoning, exploring, communicating and positively influencing’.

19 August 2019

Helen Boden, CEO of the British Dyslexia Association, writes an impassioned piece for The Independent on her opinion that dyslexics are discriminated against by the current GCSE exam system.  She feels that pupils should be able to use technology for exams, which would better reflect the modern, digital workplace.  Spelling, punctuation and grammar aids are integrated into the technology we use.