Monthly Dyslexia News Digest – August 2017

In the headlines

1 August 2017

MS Word now has a Read Aloud feature using text-to-speech synthesis which is being reviewed as especially helpful for dyslexic readers. The software allows the user to change the speed of the voice. The new feature is available on the Insider version of Office 365.

2 August 2017

Researchers D. Brkic, J. B. Talcott, A. Hillebrand, S. Paracchini and C. Wilton are investigating one of the dyslexia candidate genes, specifically PCSK6 which may provide a molecular link between brain asymmetry, handedness and reading impairment. Their interim report on their findings so far is available at the following link.

3 August 2017

Rita Treacy who was diagnosed with dyslexia at 18 whilst training to be a Speech and Language Therapist has developed a software package called WordsWorth Learning developed from learning techniques that she used herself to help her studies at college. The result is a software package that is multi-sensory and allows each user to learn in a way that suits them best. It is for children from age 6 to adulthood and it can accelerate the acquisition of reading and spelling skills in all children, not just those with a specific learning difficulty.

22 August 2017

The charity Salvesen Mindroom Centre has developed a guide for student teachers throughout Scotland to help them support pupils with Additional Support Needs (ASN) including dyslexia in the classroom. The guide called “It Takes All Kinds of Minds” will be issued by the General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) in response to the widely held view that trainee teachers are not taught enough about how to help pupils with ASN.