Kindle editions of our booklet series now available

The 25 booklets in the Supporting Dyslexic Learners in the Secondary Curriculum (England) series are now available as ebooks.

Here is a full list of all the titles in the series. Click on the titles individually to buy them direct through Amazon for just £1.99 each or for free with Kindle Unlimited.

1.1 Identification and Assessment of Dyslexia at Secondary School  

1.02 Dyslexia: Underpinning Skills for the Secondary Curriculum  

1.3 Dyslexia: Reasonable Adjustments to Classroom Management  

1.4 Dyslexia: Role of the Secondary School Senco (Dyslexia Specialist Teacher)  

1.5 Partnerships with Parents of Secondary School Students with Dyslexia 

1.6 Dyslexia: ICT Support in the Secondary Curriculum  

1.7 Dyslexia and Examinations (Reasonable Adjustments & Access Arrangements)  

1.8 Dyslexia: Information for Guidance, Pastoral & Behaviour Support Teachers  

1.9 Dyslexia: Learning Styles and Study Skills for the Secondary Curriculum  

1.10 Dyslexia: Role of the Teaching Assistant  

1.11 Dyslexia: Co-Occurring & Overlapping Issues (Specific Learning Difficulties)  

2.1 Dyslexia: Art & Design Subjects

2.2 Dyslexia: Drama (Performing Arts; Theatre Studies)

2.3 Dyslexia: English (Communication)

2.4 Dyslexia: Home Economics (Child Development; Food & Nutrition; Hospitality)

2.5 Dyslexia: Information & Communications Technology Subjects (Administration; Business; Computing/Computer Science)

2.6 Dyslexia: Mathematics (Statistics)

2.7 Dyslexia: Modern Foreign Languages

2.8 Dyslexia: Music

2.9 Dyslexia: Physical Education (Sport & Leisure; Games; Dance)

2.10 Dyslexia: Science Subjects (Biology; Chemistry; General Science; Physics)

2.11 Dyslexia: Social Subjects (Economics; Geography; History; Citizenship Studies; Philosophy; Religious Studies)

2.12 Dyslexia: The Classics (Classical Greek; Latin; Classical Civilisations)

2.13 Dyslexia: Media Studies (Media & Communication)

2.14 Dyslexia: Social Sciences (Anthropology; Archaeology; Humanities; Psychology; Sociology)