Kindle editions of our booklet series now available

The 25 booklets in the Supporting Dyslexic Learners in the Secondary Curriculum (England) series are now available as ebooks.

Written by our Education Director, Moira Thomson MBE who has a wealth of experience in the field and with a foreword by Dr Gavin Reid, former Senior Lecturer in the Department of Educational Studies, Moray House School of Education, University of Edinburgh.

The booklets provide subject teachers with advice and strategies to enable them to make reasonable adjustments to classroom practice that will help to minimise barriers to learning that dyslexic learners might experience in the secondary curriculum.

Here is a full list of all the titles in the series. Click on the titles individually to buy them direct through Amazon for just £1.99 each or for free with Kindle Unlimited.

1.1 Identification and Assessment of Dyslexia at Secondary School  
1.02 Dyslexia: Underpinning Skills for the Secondary Curriculum  
1.3 Dyslexia: Reasonable Adjustments to Classroom Management  
1.4 Dyslexia: Role of the Secondary School Senco (Dyslexia Specialist Teacher)  
1.5 Partnerships with Parents of Secondary School Students with Dyslexia 
1.6 Dyslexia: ICT Support in the Secondary Curriculum  
1.7 Dyslexia and Examinations (Reasonable Adjustments & Access Arrangements)  
1.8 Dyslexia: Information for Guidance, Pastoral & Behaviour Support Teachers  
1.9 Dyslexia: Learning Styles and Study Skills for the Secondary Curriculum  
1.10 Dyslexia: Role of the Teaching Assistant  
1.11 Dyslexia: Co-Occurring & Overlapping Issues (Specific Learning Difficulties)  
2.1 Dyslexia: Art & Design Subjects
2.2 Dyslexia: Drama (Performing Arts; Theatre Studies)
2.3 Dyslexia: English (Communication)
2.4 Dyslexia: Home Economics (Child Development; Food & Nutrition; Hospitality)
2.5 Dyslexia: Information & Communications Technology Subjects (Administration; Business; Computing/Computer Science)
2.6 Dyslexia: Mathematics (Statistics)
2.7 Dyslexia: Modern Foreign Languages
2.8 Dyslexia: Music
2.9 Dyslexia: Physical Education (Sport & Leisure; Games; Dance)
2.10 Dyslexia: Science Subjects (Biology; Chemistry; General Science; Physics)
2.11 Dyslexia: Social Subjects (Economics; Geography; History; Citizenship Studies; Philosophy; Religious Studies)
2.12 Dyslexia: The Classics (Classical Greek; Latin; Classical Civilisations)
2.13 Dyslexia: Media Studies (Media & Communication)
2.14 Dyslexia: Social Sciences (Anthropology; Archaeology; Humanities; Psychology; Sociology)