Introducing Dyslexia awareness for Post 16 Staff

In an inclusive educational setting, all education practitioners must address the needs of learners who have disabilities and special educational needs(SEN) /additional support needs on a daily basis.

All staff must be aware of the provisions in recent equality, disability and SEN legislation and government initiatives so that they may make reasonable adjustments to prevent discrimination and to ensure that all learners have access to the curriculum at an appropriate level.

Section 1
What is dyslexia?
Aims: to develop awareness of:

• what is commonly understood by the term ‘dyslexia’
• the impact of dyslexia on individuals
• some of the suggested causes of dyslexia
• some of the current theories of dyslexia proposed by researchers from various disciplines
• several definitions of dyslexia

Section 2
Characteristics of dyslexia in teenage and adult learners
Aims: to become aware of:

• the characteristics of dyslexia and how these may appear in teenagers and adult learners
• various checklists for identifying dyslexia in adult learners
• some conditions co-occur with dyslexia that may have prevented it being recognised in the past
• compensatory strategies often used by adult learners whose dyslexia may not have been identified