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Kindle editions of our booklet series now available

The 25 booklets in the Supporting Dyslexic Learners in the Secondary Curriculum (England) series are now available as ebooks.

Here is a full list of all the titles in the series. Click on the titles individually to buy them direct through Amazon for just £1.99 each or for free with Kindle Unlimited.

1.1 Identification and Assessment of Dyslexia at Secondary School  

1.02 Dyslexia: Underpinning Skills for the Secondary Curriculum  

1.3 Dyslexia: Reasonable Adjustments to Classroom Management  

1.4 Dyslexia: Role of the Secondary School Senco (Dyslexia Specialist Teacher)  

1.5 Partnerships with Parents of Secondary School Students with Dyslexia 

1.6 Dyslexia: ICT Support in the Secondary Curriculum  

1.7 Dyslexia and Examinations (Reasonable Adjustments & Access Arrangements)  

1.8 Dyslexia: Information for Guidance, Pastoral & Behaviour Support Teachers  

1.9 Dyslexia: Learning Styles and Study Skills for the Secondary Curriculum  

1.10 Dyslexia: Role of the Teaching Assistant  

1.11 Dyslexia: Co-Occurring & Overlapping Issues (Specific Learning Difficulties)  

2.1 Dyslexia: Art & Design Subjects

2.2 Dyslexia: Drama (Performing Arts; Theatre Studies)

2.3 Dyslexia: English (Communication)

2.4 Dyslexia: Home Economics (Child Development; Food & Nutrition; Hospitality)

2.5 Dyslexia: Information & Communications Technology Subjects (Administration; Business; Computing/Computer Science)

2.6 Dyslexia: Mathematics (Statistics)

2.7 Dyslexia: Modern Foreign Languages

2.8 Dyslexia: Music

2.9 Dyslexia: Physical Education (Sport & Leisure; Games; Dance)

2.10 Dyslexia: Science Subjects (Biology; Chemistry; General Science; Physics)

2.11 Dyslexia: Social Subjects (Economics; Geography; History; Citizenship Studies; Philosophy; Religious Studies)

2.12 Dyslexia: The Classics (Classical Greek; Latin; Classical Civilisations)

2.13 Dyslexia: Media Studies (Media & Communication)

2.14 Dyslexia: Social Sciences (Anthropology; Archaeology; Humanities; Psychology; Sociology)

Dyslexia Scotland Education Conference – Dyslexia: my wider world

Come and visit us at the Dyslexia Scotland Conference.

Date: Saturday 27 October 2018

Time: 9:00am – 4:15pm (Registration begins at 9:00am and the conference starts at 9:30am)

Venue: University of Strathclyde (Technology and Innovation Centre), 99 George Street, Glasgow G1 1RD.

Audience: this conference will appeal mainly to primary and secondary class teachers, Headteachers, support for learning practitioners and other educators working with children and young people with dyslexia in a learning setting.



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Supporting Students with Dyslexia in the classroom

This event has unfortunately been cancelled.

There is going to be an event in Edinburgh, focusing on the Secondary Curriculum.

Keynote Speaker: Moira Thomson MBE  and Assistive Technology by Iansyst Ltd, Edinburgh

Thursday 31st May 9.30a.m to 2.00pm

Venue – Edinburgh Zoo Conference Room

A key CPD seminar designed to help teachers develop a ‘core knowledge’ of dyslexia characteristics and their impact on learning – to help them adjust classroom practice to support individual learners and develop effective solutions.

The seminar will consist of two key presentations:

  1.  Supporting Students with Dyslexia in the secondary curriculum:
  • Dyslexia explained and how the characteristics may manifest in the classroom as barriers to learning
  • How to identify them and meet the needs of individual dyslexic learners
  • The approaches to develop effective reasonable adjustments that can minimise/remove those barriers (this will include access arrangements for exams).

2.    Assistive Technology Presentation and Resources:

  • Providing teachers with a good introduction to the range of assistive technology software available to support dyslexic learners including text-to-speech, speech recognition, mind-mapping and note-taking solutions
  • Product presentations and supporting notes that make the connection between matching the appropriate AT solution with the needs of the learner.

A delegate pack of resources and a Certificate of Attendance will also be provided on the day. A free copy of one of the 25 titles in the series the ‘Supporting Dyslexic Learners in the Secondary Curriculum’ by Moira Thomson MBE, will also be included. (Available for either the English or Scottish curriculum).

About the Keynote Speaker:

Moira Thomson MBE. Iansyst ltd is pleased to be working with Moira whose career includes many years as an experienced teacher and development officer who managed a Support for Learning team in a large Edinburgh secondary school. Moira has previously been chair of Dyslexia Scotland South East providing advice and support for children and young people with dyslexia. Moira is a member of a team appointed by Scottish Government Ministers to be independent adjudicators for Additional Support Needs dispute resolution. As an educational consultant and assessor, Moira is an experienced CPD provider with a focus on dyslexia.

The Iansyst Team:

Iansyst Ltd has been established for 35 years as a leading dyslexia solutions and assistive technology supplier. Iansyst also has a dedicated office and Scottish team based in Edinburgh providing AT software and computer solutions with full help-desk support, on-site product training and a range of consultancy services for disability awareness and accessibility. Visit our ecommerce website

Preview the latest Assistive Technology:

Iansyst ltd presents the very best AT software and hardware suppliers. At the seminar delegates will be able to try out a range of products to include: Scanning Pens, MindView, Kaz Typing Tutor software, No Isolation Avatar, Literacy Software, Hard of Hearing Devices.



9.30 Coffee on arrival. An opportunity to meet the team and preview the AT products

10.00 Welcome and Introductions. Janine King Managing Director Iansyst Ltd

10.10 Supporting Dyslexic Learners in the Secondary Curriculum. Moira Thomson MBE

11.50 Opportunity for questions and discussion

12.00 Lunch & exhibition

12.30 An introduction to the types of Assistive Technology available. Product presentations to include:

Making information accessible through:

  • Scanning devices, Scanning Pens and the Exam Pen
  • Dragon Speech Recognition
  • Supporting literacy, reading & spelling with Text-to-Speech Software
  • Organising ideas and planning using Mind Mapping approaches by MindView
  • New to the UK, the ‘No Isolation’ Avatar robot enabling learners at home to be able to participate in the classroom in real time.

1.45 Plenary Session

2.00 Close.

Edinburgh Zoo will provide free passes for all delegates that attend. Delegates are welcome to visit the Zoo (and the Penguins Parade which starts at 2.15pm).


Singing From the Same Song Sheet

Everybody loves a freebie and the good people at the recent special needs conference and exhibition in Bolton were no exception. The event, known as nasen Live, is an annual fixture at the football stadium and attracts teachers, Sencos, trainers, learning support staff and a considerable number of dyslexia specialists. It is a two day event run by the National Association of Special Educational Needs and its intention is to make sure that professionals have the information and contacts they need to make sure their school, college, academy or university is up to date with legislation changes and developments in good practice.

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Dyslexia not linked to eyesight?

Today on the BBC News website there was an article that researchers claim that Dyslexia is not linked to eyesight.  After carrying out eye tests on more than 5,800 children, they did not find any differences in the vision of those with dyslexia. That is good but then it went on to say that

This raises doubts about the value of using coloured overlays or lenses to help dyslexic children with reading.

Somehow they have missed the point. This is what Moira Thomson MBE the Educational Director of CPD Bytes has to say.

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