Here’s what our participants had to say about their courses:

A really worthwhile course and good value for money. I particularly like the flexibility of being able to spend as much time on it as you liked.

– Janice Rolnick

While the course provides a very detailed description of dyslexia and the underlying conditions that can be hidden within the classroom, I found the video clips of real-life situations to be particularly interesting and inspiring.


This was a great course with extremely beneficial information and strategies for the classroom teacher. I have recommended it to other professionals as a means of developing their understanding of dyslexia.

Deborah Docherty

I will hope to use information from this course when working with subject teachers in my school… to show the teachers what they could be doing on a daily basis to help the students.

Julia Smith

Anyone who takes care of or is involved in children’s learning should take this course… It will provide you with an awareness of how dyslexic children’s learning is impacted and familiarise you with indicators of dyslexia.

Zainab Daruwala

As a parent [of] a child with dyslexia and also a teaching assistant, this course has given me a insight on how to…look out for the signs.

Leanne Rutter

The resources were presented in an easy to understand format.

Kaye Chapman

I feel I am now better equipped to look at children’s learning and understand the factors influencing their spelling, handwriting and presentation.

Victoria Collings

Given me relevant material to share with my colleagues. Underlined things I knew and gave me pointers to further research.

Lynda Henderson

Very helpful for those who know little of the subject and a good reminder for those who do know a lot.

Janice Benson

As a parent of a dyslexic child this course has been invaluable. I have now taken my daughter to an Irlen* specialist. You have been the only people who have told me about this condition and it has made an incredible difference. Thank you so much.

Maureen O’shea
*a visual impairment helped by coloured overlays


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